Which is better for graphic design?

April 2020

A lot of people, particularly designers, ask me which is better to use the new iPad pro or the Wacom Cintiq Pro. I have always been loyal to Wacom in recommending their devices for any artistic or graphic design work. I have always loved the authentic feel of the Wacom surface. Feels as close to paper as a device could be. The original iPad was just too smooth that any drawing felt almost too 'slippery.' But now with this new iPad Pro I honestly love the surface. Yes it is still smooth on the surface but you can buy certain screen protectors that have been made to create a paper like finish. Its really quite remarkable and that with the new pro pen 2 and the pressure sensitivity it holds its almost as though you are drawing on the old sketch pad we used to use!

However the Wacom Cintiq Pro is always going to be my choice for colour accuracy, pen sensitivity and original surface texture. The reason I still choose to get an iPad Pro was for the convenience and portability that they posses. I use the iPad Pro to sketch rough ideas, drawings and most importantly the meetings i have with clients as i can not only show them designs but we can make quick changes as the new iPad Pro even holds a Photoshop light version.

So this may not seem like a proper evaluation as I have not even chosen one over the other, but that is the truth, I cannot... They both have got so many valuable assets and are both so different. They are both key tools for my business, one portable designing and the other remains set up for the long in depth designing in my studio. I LOVE them both equally for their differences!

WIth Love, bydesign