Rebranding | Bydesign | why you should update your branding

Everything changes over time. I am sure you are not wearing the same style of clothes or even the same hair as you were 10 years ago?

Just like fashion, design changes over time. Not only this but with each year your vision and branding for your business can change and evolve. So maybe now you are attracting a different market or generation then what you first branded for?

This is why over a few years you may look back at your original designs and feel it needs to be updated and refreshed. This allows you're business to take a moment to really dive into what it stands for and what its vision is it can always be evolving or changing. It is a chance to reconnect with your team and your business and find the essence of what it is all about.

Thus there is so many reasons to update your logo and branding.

- Firstly as I said it can simply be outdated. Your logo design, colours or even layout may need the designer to change, evolving the design into popular and trending elements. This makes sure your business looks relevant and on point, so if this is not modern and relevant many people assume your business is also outdated... People often forget how important keeping their brand up to date is.

- Maybe the logo doesn't reflect your vision anymore? Management might change, teams or the general vision and business approach may not reflect the vision that was once there. The logo and general branding of a business is so essential for that first impact and impression. So like any impression you want to make it accurate as well as memorable.

- You want to develop a branding style to reflect your current audience, you might need to be more relevant and important to that new audience, and branding is all about that first impression to your audience.

Do you need to update your logo or branding? Maybe you have a new vision for business?

With Love, bydesign.