Bydesign | minimalist | design trends 2020

April 2020

Minimalistic design has become a highly trending style this year with simple yet effective designs taking over. Gone are the detailed images, 3D graphics and creative colour trends. Replaced with white space, clean lines and clear messages. A key principle is using plenty of space or ‘white space’ to create a calming undertone and a clear focal point for the design. It makes the design front and centre, decluttering designs to clean lines is more than effective for this and I imagine will remain a strong trend for future trends as well. Reflecting the same sort of principles is the flat logo designs that are replacing the three dimensional graphic before them. It feels that society is just wanting simple messages and clearly trying to loose its complicated messages. It’s not just in the graphic parts of the design, even typefaces have gone from scripted popularity to often plain and easy to read font. Colours overall have been simplified with black and white and often just one bold colour to create emphasis.

As a designer who loves clear simple messages in my own designs, I must say I am loving this trend for 2020 and hope it keeps playing a role in future designs. Just be careful that you still are creating effective designs, always ensure you have symmetry and CONSISTENCY! No matter what you do keep it true to the business brand and keep that fluent in all there work, otherwise there is no point to your design. Always do your research for your clients and there business as well. Try and keep your knowledge up to date that way you are producing work that doesn’t just look good it is reflective of their industry and what is trending, every industry can have different trends, but overall graphic design principles are always the same. Trust them and trust yourself.

With Love, bydesign.