By design | portraits | Tommirock crew

July 2020

It has come to that time of year again when head shots and team shots are to be done... I am not going to lie and say I am a confident person in front of the camera.. I think alot of industry workers in graphic design, photography and videography can agree that we feel great operating the camera, but putting us on that other side of the lens... well that is not so fun!

These guys above are the Tommirock crew!! This is an amazing team who I partner with on many occasions. They have a studio for audio engineering and video post production, as well as a production team for on set. Great team to work with, producing some amazing works.

It was a great morning but I am also thankful that the photo is finished with and I can get back to designing and taking photos of other people and productions, not my own face lol! Enjoy the sunshine!!

With Love, bydesign.